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Posted by: Jason on: May 24, 2007

Yes we have nuffnang support now. Simply activate it in your plugins page. Also comes with a widget to put on your sidebar :)

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hrm.. so we just have to drag and drop the Nuffnang sidebar widget?

what’s the nuffnang_bid under nuffnang configuration for?

That’s the id you get from nuffnang when you register. So it knows its your blog that is serving the ad.

is it a must to fill it in? if so, where do we get the id from?

It’s in the code thats given to you when you sign up for Nuffnang

i dont know where the code is =(

Hmmm… just to clarify. Nuffnang is a way for you to earn money by putting ads on your blog. But you do need to be pretty popular for it to pay off. Before you can use the nuffnang plugin, you have to sign up for it. Once you’re signed up they’ll give you some code to put on your blog to display the ads. The id is in the code- it should say something like nuffnang_bid= XXXXXX and thats your ID.

hrmm i’ve added the nuffnang bid, but where do i add the ad itself? i see some of the other bloggers, their ads are at the side bar.. but when i tried to add in the entire code in a text widget, it just comes out all jumbled. any idea?

With the naffnung plugin on, you should also have a naffnung widget!

yup but the widget only has the title field? so wot do i put there?

Just put a title if you want, it doesn’t need anything else, just make sure your main naffnung plugin is configured correctly with your b id. The widget will show your ad.

uh okie.. so far it jus shows the title i added in, “nuffnang?” hahaha and ntg else.. woops.

oh btw, out of topic here, but hw do i recover my upload quota?

Try turning off the ‘insert naffnung code after every post’ option. Naffnung seems to limit to 1 ad per page for bloggers new to its network.

Re: upload, these have been increased site-wide to 100MB. Have you run out of space?

ho ho, i’m fine now, thanks! :D

is there any way of putting up javascript adverts?
the codings seem to ‘break’ whenever i save/publish.

is it possible to twitter?

is it possible to add Goodreads widget?

i’ll prob start blogging again if this comes true…weeee :D

HELP!!! i cannot find the code too. naffnang only sent me a link for activation of my account…

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